Quinta da Pousadela

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More than an estate, a row-house or a wine, the Pousadela is the experience gathered from many years of stories. It is a centennial place where whole families worked, cried, and laughed. Where a few were born, some were married, and where many more have passed by. Hikers, pilgrims, cattle dealers. There are memories in the background, legends that enrich and a tranquillity to breathe in.

History tells us that it once belonged to the Clergy, like most lands in Portugal. There are those who say that it was a no man's land, a place to pass by, where one would stay overnight, eat a broth, and rest.

The oldest records lead me to my grandmother, Domingas da Costa, who lived here ten generations ago. Paulo's memory takes him back to his grandmother Rosa, who came here at the age of twenty-three, a widow with a daughter in her arms. She and her sister Lurdes started the adventure of rebuilding a life here, building up a farmhouse in the harshness of other times.

Fate intended that, even without knowing about this common past, Paulo and I would come together to embark on this adventure, in this project of a simple life. An authentic life that reminds us of times gone by and where time goes by slowly.

More than a concept, Pousadela is our home.


Rita Sá

Pousadela Equipa
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